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The worlds of me, continued...
The Human World

The human world, or "Ningen" world, or materia mundi, is the world where I'm most likely to interact with other would-be human creatures, and it has somewhat negative undertones these days when I use it. It usually involves anything to do with family/job/state, and whatever material aspects life has. When I say "I'm back into the humans world", casually speaking, it usually means I'm about to plunge into an environment where chaos and some level of insanity is present.

The Otherworld

The world of nature, magick, the ancient historical world, mythology, ecology, spirituality and the likes find its place here. It's named as in the otherworlds populated by faeries, ghosts and other planes alike...
The general theme is "Romanticized Past".

The Netherworld

The digital, the web, tech, the futuristic, are all featured in this class of interests. Its called the netherworld as in NET, as in immaterial of sorts, and as a place easy to get lost into. The general theme is "Alternate Futures"

The Underworld

Sub-cultures like gaming, anime, gothik, survivalism and the likes are represented here.
Because for many these movements are considered somewhat "underground" I name this "The underworld". The general theme is "Colorful present"

The vast majority of my interests can thus be summed in this way.


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