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These last few days I’ve been suffering from a condition that if I were to describe it it feels somewhat akin to “lack of spiritual energy”. Did a little mensa self-test playfully and got a score of about 16 in 18, so it’s not like I’m growing dull (no, I’m not going to join mensa). But I definitely felt some kind of drainage, a sort of hunger that I guess stems from too much contact with the “materia mundi” and its radiation known as “futility” and too little in the world of dreams and the otherworlds. I’ve been recovering slowly, thanks to some exposure to elemental-strong natural surroundings, along with help from flames, the sun and the moon but I do not feel really nourished yet. “Malnutrition of the soul” from an excessive materialistic world: who would have guessed eh? *amused*

Mea culpa really. I’ve been neglecting my sylvan side again quite a bit. There’s also few humans with whom to establish meaningful conversations. And there’s also a transition in my interests: I find myself growing away from the celtic mythos and more into the classical greek world each day, tinted with some Japanese and the ever-present avalonian influences… Other than some supranational deities such as Brigantia, Lugh and the likes, there are many matters that are simply fading from my mind. I feel closer, in such matters to Dion Fortune and Franz Bardon works in this present…

P.S. dream of the night: confrontation between two rival gangs, centered in the “cults area” in my closest town, one the archetypical “mob”, the other the archetypical Italian mafia in suits/hats , where the leader of the last group, an attractive young female, single-handedly devastates the mob, making them rise as red-eyed, feral undead *the also archetypical rp energy drain? :p*


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