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The laws of me...

There are three spells, or fates bestowed on me, call it curses, geas or simply personal rules of my own..

There is the dedication, to nature and it’s beings, the wild way that strengthens my being and drive when close to the green. It keeps me young. It makes me yarn for vital (and magickal) sustenance and companionship. Let’s call it the elvenpath, or “sylvancraft” if you will. Many processed foods are allergens to me and I’m only interested in “mystical” women, be they fey or cursed.

There is the binding, mostly of memories and energies that brought forth my “Dark Night of the Soul”. A way to keep the darkness within in check, that everlasting foe that challenged Churchill, our personal abyss. The reverse of the medal is that it made me forget too much. But it keeps my mind fresh and somewhat untainted, and it was the only way to survive. The binding and the darkness are one though, and curiously enough, that darkness makes me feel safe.

And then there’s the contract. To give my best to the world. It’s linked to my fortune.
If I’m unlucky it simply means I’m either procrastinating or wasting my energy in pointless ventures that do not help this planet in any tiny way whatsoever. It makes my give out my best and to honorably earn, and deserve whatever boons providence sends my way.


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