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Lord Endymion's Tower

The endless quest for mare serenitatis...

The year 2015 started without much fuss. I don't feel overambitious, like some years ago, nor particularly ominous although the world looks grim in some regards. But I do feel this year may mark the end of an era, of 10 years of rambling stupidity that afflicted both the human world and my own.

At a personal level this year crowns the fading of a burnout that took place at that fateful year of 2005, the culmination of my young adult fumbles that stretched from the third decade of my existence. If it were a visual novel, a tag saying "BAD END" would be clearly visible on that horizon...

But alas, either by works of spell-craft or time, it all faded away. No lingering romantic attachments, and living one day at a time, with the key word being LIVING is the present that fits my present role, whatever the future may bring.

Having the freedom to live at my own pace in these days - maybe I am somewhat fortunate. Like the ancients said: "The point is, not how long you live, but how nobly you live."

P.S. these days I'm going the AMD cheap APU route for most of my processing needs. Although my main computational devices tend to be my Qilive 40 and Qilive 70: both cheap and rather efficient little toys...