Lord Endymion's Tower

The endless quest for mare serenitatis...

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Blossom of Darkness
Final moments of my latest dream....

The small dragon showered us with his levitation-inducing breath taking us on
a journey through deserts and canyons, up to our future dwelling place, a luxury
neighborhood somewhere within Evora. There we broke into an antique shop
seeking for answers for the curse that was plaguing the protagonist.

The owner of the shop, a middle-aged black priest of some sort of cult surprised us,
but after the initial wary moments he did provide us some information. The growing
dark force within me was known to the cult: an intergalactic entity hurled pieces of it's
tainted aura through the cosmos, that came to dwell within beings of power. Much like
parasitic entities, or "seeds of darkness" they were to grew until they were ripe to be
harvested in a cannibalistic spree by the spiritual alien....


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